Tuesday, November 22, 2011

tower in the dark

I sometimes go to this area where the new tower is being built, the Tokyo Sky Tree, but not that often.

But when i do I try to take a picture of the tower to see far along it has been built.
The day is so much shorter now a days, I wasn't able to get a clear shot.  I hope you can see the tower though. 

The tower I think is mostly finished. There were some light in the globe section, so I am guessing they have to do some interior work.
I was surprised to see the building next to it was taller than I had expected. And that was finished too I think.

It is opening next May.  
I'm not sure if I want to see Tokyo from that hight,though. It's very very high. But I bet on sunny days you can see so much!! 

...I just can't decide yet. 

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