Friday, March 23, 2012

the key

Sometimes I'm looking at the ground as I walk, just in case there are any diamonds that fell off a ring that no one has noticed.

Today I saw something that caught my eyes. It was right on the painted sign that says "stop" on the asphalt. 
I took a few steps back. Was it just the metal tab off of a can? Was it something gold? I tapped it with my feet so that I can pick it up.   

But no! This little key that was a pretty pink gold color was stuck. Mashed into the paint of the signage on the ground. It probably got run over so many times by cars that it can't be peeled off. 

A start of a little public collage....  
I could maybe add to it when I go there again.  

Either way I found a little story, at a place I go so often. It made me smile a bit~

I am doing a pop up shop in Tokyo~
Seibu Department Store 3/21~ 3/30
Tokyu Department Store Toyoko 4/4~4/11

Thursday, March 8, 2012

getting ready for spring

So I looked up the other day, and there it was! Plum blossom. 
I was just in time to see the pink buds ready to burst.
I like the plum trees with a few flowers and those pink buds, and their the branches that usually  grows upwards. 

It doesn't feel like spring yet but there are a lot of signs from nature.
Like the frogs in the pond....... very loud and big!