Sunday, November 20, 2011

new addition

On my right hand I always wear my" bear that hugs my finger" ring. 

I have a new addition. Anoushka.

The curly and dotted design wraps around my pinky, which makes the design visible from all angles.
At first it kept feeling like I'm going to loose the ring. The pinky finger is a weird one, it tapers. ( If you know what I mean)
But now I don't have to curl my fingers in when I wear it. I'm used to it. My bear is also happy that it doesn't interfere with it. It won't leave scratch marks on either of the rings!

There are more rings for the pinky. 
Very thin, golden and stackable. 

I wanted to stack more rings on my finger but I think I'll  wait and see if simple is the look I'm into right now.

You can see more of the rings for your pinky at the ileava site.

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