Sunday, July 26, 2015


The other morning I saw a rainbow!! 

It was special because it was one of those rare moments I didn't go back to sleep, even though it was before I was planning to wake up. It was 4:30 am. and when I looked outside the sun was coming up and decided to really look at the morning skies. 

It was hard to notice at first because the colors were very close to the clouds surrounding it. But there it was. Arc of colors. 

I heard the day before people saw a double rainbow right before the sun set. It must be the moisture in the air?? 

Rainbows just makes you smile. I wonder if I'll see another sunrise rainbow?

Summer eatings

Ramen seems to be favorites among the Japanese and lately it seems it is popular in other parts of the world.

What is exciting to me is that in the summer time there are the cold noodles that they would serve only in the summer times.

This place close to our home has nice presentation. Well I just like it when they use ice to imply how "cold" the noodles are. And the slice of citrus fruit is a nice detail. 

Hiyashi chuka is what they are usually called. Chines yellow noodles and few types of toppings that are neatly places. The dish is usually open to interpretation and the style varies from restaurants to restaurant. Some places have twenty different toppings or some stick to the traditional. It really makes you want to try different cold noodles out there.  

And when you are in a hurry, you can get them at convenience stores. They say more people have them when the temperature outside is above 26 degrees. And yes lately that is all I want!!