Saturday, December 3, 2011

Color of fall

There is something that I do everyday around this time of year.
It is eating persimmons. I love them! 
There are different types of persimmons and depending on the orchards, they taste different. 
But I just love them all!

This year my grandfathers tree had some fruit and my husband was there to pick them, I was thereto photograph him.
There were about 20 to 30. All very small but really sweet.

Around the neighborhood there are a lot of persimmon trees. A lot of them are big trees that have lots and lots of fruit that are ripe ready to eat. I wouldn't leave it hanging on the trees all for the birds, but I guess those neighbors don't like persimmons as much as I do.

Some of them were still a little hard so here, we have them sunbathing. Each day they are getting sweeter and softer.

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