Friday, October 29, 2010


Here are my little guys that I drew. They are my hug bear and my bunny that was the start of the hug rings that I make in silver.

Now, I have them on my phone!

Well, on my phone maple wooden case to be exact.

The company who makes this case is Hacoa.  They produce and designs wooden stationary goods, house-wear,  and kitchen-wear. 
Their new product is the iphone case. It comes in walnut, maple and rosewood. 
This is what it looks like in rosewood. 

I like the idea that the things you use everyday is made out of wood, because it will start to age over time, and would have a certain sheen and have deeper color.

I am anctious to to also see jewelry age as well. 
Hacoa and ileava are doing a collaboration, combining wood and sterling silver.

This is the bangle that is my favorite.

Like the wood, silver jewelry also looks better when people start to wear it everyday and gets used a little bit.

We are taking orders if you are interested in the bangles and I will share places where they are available, soon.
As for the phone cases, please go to this site for orders.
They can print names and logos for additional costs.
( sorry,it is in Japanese text only)
I might cheat and wax my phone case today~
and see how that turns out.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

working late

Winter seems to be just around the corner.
Temperature is dropping day by day and the sun is setting earlier.

Right around when the sun starts to set, my new companion starts to wake up.

It's a flower that opens up only at night.
My grandfather brought it to the studio one night when I was coming back late.

It is amazing how strong the scent is! These tiny little flowers can really fill the whole room.

It's starting to be a competition who can stay up longer.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the feather pin

The feather pin is one of the well liked pieces from ileava.  For both men and women.

This time I made it into a brooch!

The original feather has one point to pin down.  It's good as a lapel pin, or even on your hat.

But a customer wanted a type that will hold her scarves at the front so, the brooch type was better. 
I hope she can get a lot of use of it! It is getting colder everyday now.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

all of a sudden

it's October~!!

September just flew by it seems!

Most of the time I was making pieces for a jewelry event which was at a department store in Tokyo, Shibuya. The event was for two weeks.  These events are always an exciting time for me, I am there everyday and I could see what designs people are more drawn to and what their concerns are when picking   jewelry pieces for themselves. I get a lot of feed back, and it's always great when customers find pieces they really like.

Being in Shibuya was great. There are so many people in that part of the city. I saw the latest trends just watching the people as they pass through the department store. There are constantly something new going on. 

This is a building that is being built that will house the metro station, shopping area, restaurants, a theatre, parking garage and on top of it all will be office buildings.
It was fun to see the progress everyday.

Now, I am starting to plan the next jewelry event that will be taking place towards the end of the month in Kobe.

Friday, October 1, 2010


I was just drawing one. 
and it led to another and another one....

I really only had just one drink.

can you tell which one I started drawing first?