Monday, June 21, 2010

humidity is inevitable.....but...

So there is a rainy season in Japan (most part of Japan) 
It is usually in June, for Tokyo.

It rains most of the days and the humidity increases so it feels more sticky and hot.
There are few things you need to watch out for. The humidity will get some of your shoes, specially leather ones covered in mold, if you are not careful.

oh, and frogs!  If you live in areas with some greenery, like me.

But there are also flowers that blooms in this season too. Which is always nice to see.

I love this flower, "ajisai" in japanese, and in english "hydrangea"

It tells me that the rainy season is here when you spot them in full bloom.

There are so many different colors and they really give a great accent to the scene when it is all cloudy and rainy.

A few years ago, I didn't really considered this flower as a flower. But I changed my mind on that after I took a closer look at it.  
I didn't realize that hydrangea was a cluster of tiny four petal flowers.  The flowers were so cute, I knew one day that I would be making jewelry with it.

I later made my Bouquet Collection, and the flower shapes is inspired from the hydrangea.

It is my favorite piece to wear in this season.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

il faut de la patience

yes,  I have been told before from a jewelry teacher that you need patience for making jewelry.

so this is the reason.

I was a little too anxious, polishing a piece with a chain and got the chain tangled in a hand tool I was using. 

there was so much torque that the chain was twisted into a clump.  I'm glad that it was just the chain, and not my fingers twisted in the machine.......

my 8 inch chain became only about 6 inches........

so, I made a bracelet for myself to remind myself that I do need patience!