Thursday, December 2, 2010

Its December now...

So many of the leaves turn color in this time of year in Tokyo.

This past whole week I was at Isetan Department store in Fuchu for a week long trunkshow.
It was a great week and I had a chance to meet a lot of great customers !

Everyday, I would pass through a shrine. There are so many large trees there, you really get to enjoy the season.

Because this shrine is so old there are 2 really old cherry trees in front.
It is not that tall for how big the tree trunks are but I can imagine how large and wide the branches will be in the spring time with blossoms.

It was weird for me.  I almost forgot that cherry leaves turn color.
I always remember places where there are cherry trees because in the spring they are so pretty, and every tree is different depending on the size of the trees.

This is a different cherry tree more close to home where I usually come to see cherry blossoms.

I feel like I can remember this view now.
Sunny and warm, but the temperature is not that high. The sky is blue, leaves are orange and the light is crisp. 
This is what end of November, beginning of December feels like.

Next week I can hopefully get a good look of Mt Fuji in December.

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