Sunday, May 23, 2010


This in a photo of a crater lake in Gun-ma prefecture that I visited recently. Shiranesan, is still an active volcano, so there are restricted areas,  but it has been a popular tourist spot in the area for its' emerald green lake.

This day was sunny and clear, but very very cold, because of the high altitude, even in the beginning of May. 

To get to the top or the crater, we have to walk up the trail for a while, and at the very top, you can see the crater a little below you.
The color of the water was milky blue with a hint of green,  one of my favorite colors~

I knew the lake was very popular for the color, but it was very close to the milky aquamarine stone that I had used for a custom necklace.

The silver casing has four petals with an arabesque motif, the chain was made long.  the piece itself is about 2 inches long.

a very fun piece to make!

I have been making few other custom pieces, so I will share them soon~!

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