Monday, September 7, 2015

Weekend highlight

This week was the autumn festival for the small shrine that is close to our store. Exciting to see the procession pass in front of our store!

The idea of the deity from the shrine is actually taken around the neighborhood in the carriage is interesting to me.
It was really interesting this year because it was the first time I noticed the procession.

Usually the focal point of the festival and the parade is the mikoshi and the people who are carrying the mikoshi. There is an energy around the people carrying the mikoshi with their voices and rhythms, however large or small it maybe. It is an exciting thing to see.

Most fancy outfit I think~

the priest of Onden Jinjya in the red. Musicians in gold.

There are probably specific meanings to each persons purpose and duty and I would like to know what they all mean.
The shrines' priest was there and a tengu, which is considered to be a mythical creature, there were two people playing wind instruments which are old Japanese instruments and really set the mood where those traditional outfits made sense. 

I think I like seeing the old traditional atmosphere right in the middle of today's surroundings. It reminds me how colorful people's outfits were, and how that vibrant colors look good in a gloomy and almost raining, humid weather.  These events takes place once a year and I feel lucky having to see the event. 

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