Thursday, February 6, 2014

why do I love rings so much?

I  started wearing rings, a lot of rings in high school.
As I started taking jewelry classes and was done with college, I realized that I was ruining my rings by wearing then next to each other. I really like those clinking sounds that all my silver rings made...

Now I don't wear them next to each other but I still really really like rings.
There are few rings on both hands that I wear all the time but the rest I change up more often.

This is my recent ring that I made. 
Another ring that I wouldn't mind having myself ... I think this new ring is going to go on my pointer finger. 
It is the tallest and largest ring that covers your finger among the rings in ileava. It is another version of the ring I made a while ago, here I have both on.

It feels almost like metallic lace covering your fingers.

Love rings!

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