Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We have been growing herbs in our little balcony and this little guy is our thyme.

I love how the leaves are so tiny and the shades of green are just right.

The other day I decided to sketch it and really see how it grows.
It was almost like when I was in elementary school where I had to draw the plants growth over summer break and note how the plant changes.

There two coming out, and then another come out from here, and that merges to here but this is connected to here.....

The sketching and note taking actually made a big difference. There is a pattern to the way plants grow, and I din't fully understand till now.
It is probably something that anyone who knows about gardening or growing plants knows, but it took a good long sketching time for me to realize. But I'm glad I made the time to do it.

It really made it feel that I need sketch more often.
In my art school days, I remember going out to different buildings and houses to sketch. We would measure with our eyes, and see if the height or the length has a patterns or repetition, how it was designed...

It would be fun and good to get in the habit of doing~

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