Tuesday, February 21, 2012

hearts hearts

When my sister and I were young, my mother would put hearts or stars on the things that we owned.
Our names were too similar so she assigned me a star and my sister a heart, instead of our names. Sometimes I feel that this is why she became more of a caring person. 

It was now time to make a heart that was feminine but not too girly, not too cute but stylized.
Something that people who like hearts can wear at any age.

The 18k gold has a matte finish which gives a nice glow, the oxidized curl inside the heart give a sharpness to the heart and an tiny diamond for a little sparkle.

Usually I wear it with the blackened silver chain, as you see in the photo. When I want to feel more golden, sometimes I do, when I go on meetings or when I know there are more grown ups I have to meet, then I change it out with a gold chain, and the look really changes.

So, even though I really like stars more than hearts, I wear this heart time to time. Does it make me more of a caring person...... working on that!

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