Sunday, September 18, 2011


The one great thing about chestnuts are that they have a distinct, not so great, smell earlier in the year. So, I knew where the tree was before they even had the fruit in fall. 

So here is the floating green very prickly chestnut.
I picked one that had dropped from the tree that grows in a neighbors' back yard.

So I took it home to see if it's going to hatch..... but I think these young ones that fall from the tree are the ones that you can't eat?

A few days has passed and still not much of a difference for this guy.

I went by the tree again and saw that the ones on the trees have turned brown now. 
So I think I need to open this guy up by force, if I want to see what is inside..... well I know what's in there.....

And meanwhile if I do want to eat chestnuts, I just have to go buy them!  One wasn't going to satisfy me anyway~

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