Thursday, August 18, 2011

The thing about silver

The other day I wanted to wear these pair of earrings. It had been awhile, but didn't expect it to be this tarnished!!

oops. and no the humidity probably doesn't help.

So, I got my polishing cloth and polished it!

The great thing about silver is that when you do clean it, it really comes back to life.

But I will be better at keeping them in a jewelry box to avoid it from tarnishing.


  1. what are some tips to help from silver being tarnished so easily? also can you suggest ways to clean it? i heard toothpaste was great but it's kinda messy. where do you get the polishing cloth?

  2. a good way is to keep jewelry in an enclosed box, or small plastic baggies. it's important that you are keeping it away from the air, and also that it is clean before you put it away. polishing clothes you can get at some jewelry stores. and toothpaste, you know I tried it, and it works to a certain degree~! I just took some with my finger and rubbed it and later with a toothbrush!