Thursday, July 14, 2011

something new~

A new addition to the Bouquet family.
Now a cuff bracelet!

I love wearing bracelets specially when you are wearing T-shirts sleeveless tops. It just adds to the outfit.
The cuff stays close to you and is different from the other bracelets where they are loose around your wrist.  It's one of the item I am wearing all the time now.

So I had shots of when I was coming up with this design. I was first drawing it out but it was just easier to do a mock up in wax. It seems like it is the best way for me. I could feel it and see it in 3D.

and so I chose the best one to be the one on the right. As you can see I've started to make more decisions on that one.

and the finished piece!

its a photo (that I took) so it looks better in person.

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