Saturday, October 2, 2010

all of a sudden

it's October~!!

September just flew by it seems!

Most of the time I was making pieces for a jewelry event which was at a department store in Tokyo, Shibuya. The event was for two weeks.  These events are always an exciting time for me, I am there everyday and I could see what designs people are more drawn to and what their concerns are when picking   jewelry pieces for themselves. I get a lot of feed back, and it's always great when customers find pieces they really like.

Being in Shibuya was great. There are so many people in that part of the city. I saw the latest trends just watching the people as they pass through the department store. There are constantly something new going on. 

This is a building that is being built that will house the metro station, shopping area, restaurants, a theatre, parking garage and on top of it all will be office buildings.
It was fun to see the progress everyday.

Now, I am starting to plan the next jewelry event that will be taking place towards the end of the month in Kobe.

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