Wednesday, July 14, 2010

so... I got a little carried away~

My next tradeshow is coming up!  Which means that I am making new pieces and will be sharing them with you soon~!!

I am also making little things to present my jewelry. One of the things is drawings to accompany my jewelry.

When I get into it,  it's really fun and really lets me express what I couldn't have in jewelry. 

two brushes and the container to put the ink

This time,  I have been trying a new tool. I've been drawing with the traditional brush on rice paper with ink. The brush and ink have been a really great and easy way for me to get back into drawing, and I feel like I was able to explore and flush out ideas.  So, these past few days, I have been drawing and drawing and drawing!

I was really amazed with the different brush strokes one brush can make 
.... and started to test it on my hand........

I am not the type who writes notes on my hands, but it was really hard to stop!!  I have always liked the henna tattoos for the detailed designs and motifs. 

Sometimes you have to do things you don't normally do. 
I got a little sidetracked but it was really really fun. There is something different about a 3-dimensional canvas.

And I can't forget to thank my grandmother who left me these tools for me to explore~ 

~ and now back to my drawings~

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